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The Orc's Treasure Signed Paperback


240 Pages



I’m fed up with my life in a world where my strength and intelligence are disregarded. When my father attempts to raise his status by forcing my engagement to a prince I despise, I hatch a plan to save myself.

The Dream Stone is a magical item that will help me create the life I’ve always yearned for, and I’m determined to take it. The only problem is that it’s protected by the official torturer of hell.

But when I finally escape to retrieve it, I don’t expect to find a handsome orc waiting in its place.


My execution order fast approaches and the only thing that will save me is The Dream Stone.

As a professional Treasure Hunter, retrieving the item from hell should be a normal day for me, but when a small, fierce mortal shows up and stabs me, our lives are forever changed.

Because the moment our blood mixes, we perform the Orcish Blood Rite, and we accidentally seal a mating bond that cannot be undone.

The Orc's Treasure Signed Paperback

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