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The Divine Oblivion
Book One of  The Secrets of the Sun Trilogy


 Being kidnapped to a galaxy one hundred million lightyears away from Earth is not how Cyra pictured her twenty-first birthday.

And her abductor is a sarcastic, drunken wretch that tells her that her life on Earth was ploy to keep her safe for sixteen years until it was time to bring her home.

Cyra is skeptical when she's told that she is a part of a long foretold prophecy that she along with a king will save Eredet galaxy from mass extinction.

As she navigates the secrets of her birth planet, Solis, she uncovers devastating curses that steal the energetic life force from her people, sending them to a painful, early grave.

But when Cyra’s eye wanders to a man who she is not destined to be with, she must come to terms that love might not be in the cards for her if she has any hope of fulfilling her divine fate. And that is not something to be taken lightly.

Because The Creator of the universe has died, and there is no one to hear their cries for help.

Meet The Gang

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Rightful ruler of Solis West. She is the prophesied one who can save Eredet galaxy from total ruin. 

How? She has absolutely no idea.


On Cyra's twenty first birthday, she learns that she's been in hiding on Earth for sixteen years. She must come to terms with the destiny some unknown force has chosen for her and quickly learn to master dangerous powers she never knew she had.

Not only is she grieving for the loss of her previous life, but is told that her choices alone will decide the fate of existence. Either she will save the remaining lives of the galaxy, or she will doom them all.

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Ruler of Solis East, fated to unite with Cyra to break the galaxy's curse.

Theo was born to lead, and he does so with compassion, authority and an effortlessness that Cyra envies. In her absence, he has mollified the victimized people of Solis and created a modicum of peace.  But he has also worked in secret to find a way to free Solians from the Guardians' watchful eyes.

Kane & Adelram 

The mysterious men working for Solian royalty.


They're always there, lurking in the shadows watching Cyra and judging her choices. She hates their rudeness, sarcasm and disregard for common courtesy, but she is dependent upon their knowledge, strength and overwhelming amount of power. What is their real real agenda and more importantly - are they working with those who want her dead? After all, she's seen Kane split men in two with with his mind. 

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