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The Dragon's Heart Signed Paperback


258 pages




After escaping my patriarchal home world, everything is new and exciting in the monster city of Drexia. I have my very first job, and I’m working toward opening my own business.


Everything is perfect.


Until demons nearly kill me, and I’m transported to an unknown world with a grumpy dragon. The only way back is to stay by his side, but being near him might not be such a bad thing after all.




I’m a ghost that shuffles through life like an isolated spectator. Feelings and emotional ties are lost on me since I angered a dangerous goddess who punished me by stealing my heart. Pain and loneliness are all I’ve known for forty years—until Ava’s light brightens my world.


Stuck on my home planet, we discover that my family has been attacked by dragon enemies, the wyverns. As we set out to get revenge, I begin to realize that Ava might be the heart I’ve been missing all this time.

The Dragon's Heart Signed Paperback

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